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Welcome !
Play chess even if you only have a few minutes. You choose when to move and how often to move. There is no need to finish a game in one sitting. It'll be waiting for you the next day. Try different strategies, tactics, and chess openings. Compete and win against other players or powerful chess engines.
What is ChessDual Chess Club ?
It is an online chess-playing community. When you log in, you can play with other players and also compete against different chess software. Your profile and your ELO rating will be updated with every game you play and you will even be able to display game analysis made by a strong chess engine.
What makes it different ?
ChessDual Chess Club is played completely over your web browser. You can log in from anywhere and play in your open games without installing any extra software. You will also be notified by email on a regular basis of the progress of your games.
How do I join ?
Just click on the New User link to the left of this page.
How much does it cost ?
Nothing at all. Put away your credit card. It's not needed to play multiple chess games.
Correspondence Chess is turn based and not designed to be used as blitz chess or timed moves. Therefore, players make moves when it suits them. This makes suitable for players with busy, hectic lives who just want to fit chess around them rather then chess getting in the way. It makes for a more leisurely and thought provoking play.
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